The working group Sustainability is committed to a green campus. More biodiversity, fewer cars and fewer CO2 emissions. We are not just concerned with a green campus, in our eyes, greenery and sustainability are important worldwide. Therefore, we have affiliated with the national association “Student for Tomorrow” and you can find us at the climate marches!


Green Campus
For AKKU, it is important to have as green a campus as possible. It is important to combat global warming and reduce CO2 emissions, but it is also important for the learning environment of students. After all, plants and trees promote learning and creativity. We do this by working closely with Radboud Green Office, AGREEn, VSA and HAN Green Office, among others.


Last year a lunch lecture was organized in collaboration with the Vegan Student Association (VSA). For this event, the British activist Ed Winters (Earling Ed) was invited to talk about veganism.

Every year the Sustainability Working Group cooperates with other organizations to organize the Green Week. It is a festival with workshops, events, and dinners all in the context of sustainability.


In 1994, AKKU together with other parties founded the University Environmental Platform (UMP). AKKU was fully committed to the organization, so UMP slowly became a big part of AKKU. As a result, it was later transformed into the current working group AKKUduurzaam.

Contact details

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