The student mobility working group is committed to an accessible and green campus. The working group holds regular consultations with the municipality and province on policies around public transportation and land use planning. We also work on our own initiatives.


Good and affordable public transport
Not everyone lives near the campus. In the current tight housing market, going to rooms is not for everyone. Good and affordable public transportation is therefore an important focus for the working group.

Sustainable mobility
Higher education prepares students for the future. But today’s polluting production society poses a serious threat to our future. Sustainability is an important issue for the entire union, and thus also for the student mobility working group. The working group makes a conscious commitment to walkers, cyclists and to public transportation.

A green campus
Nijmegen has a broad education campus, and that is a great thing. Unfortunately, our campus is still very grey. There are more stone plazas than green areas and busy highways run right between the buildings. It is more pleasant and healthier to stay in green areas. The mobility working group advocates for keeping cars out and exchanging paved places for areas with a lot of greenery. This will create a more calming space for students, but also a place for flora and fauna to flourish.

A large number of plans advocated by the working group in the past have actually been realized.

The Heijendaal shuttle is, obviously of great importance to students. At the insistence of the student mobility working group, extended buses with hinges have begun to run, making room for more students. When bus company Hermes wanted to cancel the bus service in 2014, the working group prevented it.

The connection to the night shuttles would not have been there without the mobility working group. The working group has frequently urged the province, as well as the ministry, to introduce night trains between Nijmegen and Utrecht.