The AKKU Legal Helpdesk is committed to providing legal advice to students and associations that are finding themselves in a difficult situation. The Legal Helpdesk helps students who are struggling with study-related issues, but also with rent contracts and employment contracts. In addition, several times a year they receive training on various rights.


Legal advice for everyone

Many students do not know what their rights are and therefore often do not know whether they are being treated fairly. The Legal Helpdesk is therefore committed to helping anyone with a problem and making students’ rights known among them. It is good to know that those who have a problem are not alone!

Our team

Our team consists of ten talented, motivated law students from both Radboud University and the HAN University of Applied Sciences. We have the skills to prepare an appeal, objection or petition and can draft these in consultation with you. Furthermore, we have close contact with a number of lawyers. They are ready to take over a case if necessary.

Legal Specializations

We are familiar with several law areas, allowing us to handle the most diverse questions. Think of questions about labour law, rent law, education law, consumer law, personal and family law, and association law, but also about problems with DUO.


In the past, the Legal Helpdesk has already achieved several successes.

In 2015, AKKU started the mediation costs project. This was started after suspicions about tenants unjustly paying fees to their real estate agents. AKKU assisted several tenants who came forward at the time. The Kassa program also covered it several times.

Since 2015, a new law has been passed, which does not require students to incur costs for their studies without a free alternative. Yet this is still widely done by institutions. This is why we opened a hotline where students can go since the spring of 2020.

Contact details
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