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28-02-2020 14:13 - 15:45

In February it will be five years since the doors of the Maagdenhuis opened. Students, teachers and staff exchanged doubts and powerlessness for a sense of courage, community and especially a deeply renewed hope.

February 28 we want to remember and commemorate this special occupation. This will take form in visual arts, a photo collection, shared memories of people involved in the occupation and the brand-new website of the Maagdenhuisarchief.

Are you from Nijmegen, Wageningen or Utrecht? Let’s travel by train together. We’ll meet up in front of Nijmegen CS, in the middle of the square, from ~13:30 and catch the train at 13:47. If you are from any of the other cities, post in the facebook event.

There’s no plan for arranging group tickets as of yet. But we can do so if there’s enough interest. Post in the facebook event.

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