Can you no longer be a member of Student Union AKKU next year? Don't worry, you can now become Akku's friend! The Stichting Vrienden van AKKU (SVvA) is the donor foundation of AKKU. The SVvA was created at the initiative of some former members of AKKU and aims to keep in touch with and between former members and of course increasing the financial stability of AKKU.

Why become Akku's friend?
In the past, AKKU was mainly based on a grant from the university. In order to ensure akku's independence and not to be held accountable to the university for its activities, AKKU has opted for financial independence. As a result, it depends to a large extent on other income such as donor funds.
Once a year, the SVvA organizes an activity for the Friends of AKKU. By participating in the activities, you will remain in contact with other (former) members of AKKU. In addition, as a Friend you will regularly receive an update on akku's activities. If desired, you can stay on akku's mailing list and continue to receive both the internal newsletter and the general member meetings documents.

How much does it cost to become Akku's friend?
You can choose between € 25,-, € 50,- and € 75,- as a donation amount. Most of the money will of course go to AKKU. A small portion of the income will be set aside for the operational costs of the foundation and the Friends Activity. Depending on the type of activity, an additional own contribution can also be requested.

How do you become akku's friend?
To become a friend of AKKU, we need some information from you, such as your name, address, bank account number and email address. You'll find the authorization form here, and the terms. The completed permission form can then be sent to:

Akku's Friends Foundation
Room N-1,380
Heyendaalseweg 141
6525 AJ Nijmegen

Once we have received your permission form, we will receive an e-mail and you are officially Akku friend!