Student union AKKU represents the interests of students in Nijmegen and is active in this position at radboud university Nijmegen and the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen.

AKKU is a union. The power of AKKU lies in the collective. On your own, as a student, you can't stand up to the bureaucracy of your education, the government's austerity drive or the whims of the housing market. By working together, we stand strong and we can make a fist for our collective interests.

AKKU is a lively association with active members. Every day they stand up for our interests in the fields of education, participation, sustainability, legal assistance, training, housing and more!

AKKU was founded in 1981 as Nijmeegse Studenten Vereniging A.K.K.U. and is affiliated with the National Student Union (LSVb). Together with ten other student unions, AKKU forms a national federation that also shows itself at national level.