Are you organizing an event, such as a lecture or an ALV? For a student association, catering is often too pricey. Making your own coffee with a percolator is cheaper, and because of AKKU it’s easy as well!

We have a percolator for coffee and a percolator for tea. Individually they can produce 48 cups or 34 mugs at a time. The percolators come with filters but without coffee. Check out the prices below and book directly.

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    Fill the water tank with cold water. You can read off the required amount of water from the fill level indication.

    Assemble the appliance by inserting the riser (hollow and long) into the opening of the filter holder (sieve) and subsequently placing both parts together in the reservoir. Place the filter holder and the riser together in the reservoir. The riser slides into the heating opening in the middle of the bottom. You don’t have to put pressure on the tube. The filter holder fits exactly into the reservoir, leaving the whole.

    Place a round filter in the filter holder. Are you using a filter without a hole in the middle? Then cut one yourself with a knife or scissors.

    Sprinkle ground coffee (approx. 6 g. per cup) in the filter holder, or put some tea bags in the reservoir. Please note that these coffee percolators and for tea. We kindly ask you to keep them separated.

    Close the coffee machine with the lid.

    Turn on the coffee machine by putting the ON/OFF button in position I. The red indicator light in the switch lights up and indicates that the device is working and that the cooking cycle is busy.

    At the end of the cooking cycle, the green indicator light will light up. The temperature automatically goes down and the coffee is kept warm at serving temperature until you place the ON/OFF button in the Position O or pull the plug out of the power socket.

    Enjoy a nice cup of coffee before your guests come in.

    It is important to clean the percolators after each use. Remove the plug first and wait for the appliance to cool down.

    Clean the filter holder, climbing tube and lid. Dry them off right away.

    Clean the water tank. First rinse away the coffee residue with cold water. Then fill the reservoir with a small layer of hot water. Then clean the reservoir with a sponge. Let this run away through the tap, to rinse the tap as well.

    Clean the coffee machine on the outside with a damp cloth and dry it immediately

    Doesn’t the percolator work? Then it’s probably in safety mode. Read the operating instructions below to resolve the issue. Note that this information is in Dutch.