It’s almost impossible to live in Nijmegen, but students have to sleep somewhere. That is why we are organizing a sleepover in the Spinoza building on October 12th! It promises to be a fun evening with live music by Cultural Capital, a poetic contribution by Campus Poet Thijs Kersten, and speeches by AKKU. There will also be free soup, free beer, and free coffee for all attendees!

To answer some questions right away:

  • Is this allowed by the uni?

Yes, we have checked this with the RU!

  • Are we really going to sleep in the Spinoza building?

For all we care you can take a nap in the Spinoza building, but we do have to leave the building at 21:30. Although we will not be spending the night in the building, we are still trying to capture the essence of a sleepover with this activity.

  • Do I need to bring anything?

All you need is a good attitude and a certain amount of anger about how shitty housing is in the Netherland

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